Nate Clark

Pun Off!

A new hour-long musical about, of all things, Pun Competitions (which, yes, are a real thing). And it’s also about grief and death! Presented by Quick...



Nate Clark

Nate Clark is a Los Angeles based writer, comedian and filmmaker. He has written and performed in hundreds of comedic musicals, sketches and improvs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, the Groundlings, on YouTube, and at venues across the country. His television writing credits include pilots for 20th Century Fox, SNL's Tom Broecker, and the original animated series Somewhere In Palm Springs, and his work has shown at Sundance, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and others.

He creates original content through his production company, Snazzy Co, where he's also directed commercial and industrial content for brands including Louis Vuitton, the New York Times, FENDI, Summit, the Breeders' Cup and many more.

As a voiceover artist he's voiced dozens of commercials and animated projects, narrated a series for SyFy, and is the current voice of promos for 89.9 KCRW.