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Blink Now

Maggie Doyne and the children of Kopila Valley Children's Home,

Blink Now Empowers Young People to Fight Poverty in Their Countries

Thanks Kelly for sharing this info about the Blink Now Foundation. From their website:

BlinkNow is a grass-roots organization working to empower young people to become pioneers in developing their own solutions to world poverty. The organization targets under-developed, war-torn countries where extreme poverty exists.

Maggie Doyne founded the Kopila Valley Primary School & Home in 2010, and has since grown the Blink Now Foundation to encourage other young people to implement similar projects across the globe.  Her philosophy is that young people can create incredible change they never thought possible “in the blink of an eye.”

Maggie Doyne and the children of Kopila Valley Children’s Home, Surkhet, Nepal

Our organization operates at the grassroots level of community and focuses on promoting sustainability and self reliance in everything that we do. We believe that if given the proper tools and initiatives, people and communities anywhere in the world can raise themselves out of poverty.

The success of the Kopila Valley School is a testament to that idea.

Visit for more information about their initiatives, and for links to programs that help high school and university students to find opportunities to study and volunteer abroad in developing countries. There are also links to other successful projects started by young people.