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"Favorite" Music from 2013

St. Lucia

I used to give mixed CDs to friends during the holidays. I stopped doing that because taste in music is an intensely personal matter, and I think a lot of my friends were just tossing those discs in the garbage. (One man’s trash is another man’s Ke$ha, right?)

In lieu of a CD, here are my “favorite” tracks from 2013. They are not necessarily the “best” songs. They are the songs I repeated steadily, for various reasons. (Full playlist on YouTube HERE.)


Only You Can Show Me

Steady groove, great for a drive to the beach. Everything I love about L.A., with a bit of Miami Beach thrown in the mix.

Nate Clark

Nate Clark is a comedian, writer, film director and musician currently living in West Hollywood, CA. He performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade as part of the Quick & Funny Musicals company.