Rob Ford and Mike & Molly

In Soapbox by Nate Clark

This week’s video highlights Toronto’s inability to get rid of it’s dead-beat mayor.

If you aren’t familiar with this jackass, here are some links to his legacy as a crack-addicted buffoon:
BBC News
Huffington Post
Business Week

Honestly, there are a ton of articles about this guy, and more everyday. If you live in North America and haven’t heard anything about this, you were probably camping in the Rockies or something and just got back to your computer ten minutes ago.

The “Thanks-for-Sharing” award this week goes to CBS’s Mike & Molly for being routinely anti-LGBT, anti-minority, and anti-women. There is an illuminating post by Sue Kerr on the Huffington Post about how the show abuses the LGBT community in many of its (stale) punchlines… check it out here.

And lastly, if you didn’t get the references to the hidden room with the staircase… here’s the original post from a woman who discovered a creepy secret room in her house last week.

All of this is scary shit, for sure.